Since 1985, Assemblics is a professional and trustworthy partner for start-ups and well-established companies. Our core business is the production of printed circuit boards and finished products. We cover the whole process including components sourcing, PCB manufacturing, assembly, testing, packaging and shipment. Our services are tailored to the customer’s needs and include a wide range of possibilities.


We have our own paperless quality control system. The software helps our employees to maintain the high level of quality and accuracy that Assemblics is known for.


It is our task to take care of all the practical and technical concerns of our customers. Some projects need a high degree of flexibility and require unconventional solutions.


Assemblics is a one-stop provider, from prototype to production. Our customers benefit from our experience and support, which can significantly optimize the production process

Where we are going.

Our mission

Our goal is to maintain constant growth with the focus on sustainability and consistency. In practice this means that our corporate culture and the level of quality that we provide are not subject to the available capacity or market trends. As an independent, full-service PCB manufacturer, we naturally work together well with customers who want more than just products

How we are getting there.

Our vision

Our employees are the core of our company’s success. That’s why we pay a lot of attention to their well-being and personal development. We value a professional, but informal relationship with both internal and external parties. We believe that this allows us to be more productive and to find the perfect solution for every customer, even if it requires unconventional techniques. 

A certified level of quality.

ISO 9001 Certificate

In 2020, we obtained the ISO 9001 certificate. This is the international standard for quality management and a measure of transparency, reliability and quality. The certificate motivates us to further implement our mission and vision in our everyday activities. It is proof that we should keep investing in our people and new machines to become the number one PCB manufacturer in Belgium.

Need a printed circuit board or prototype?

It is always better to work with an experienced assembler. Assemblics is your right-hand partner from start to end!