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Projects that have impact are never done alone. Our customers value our input and feedback. Always looking to help solve technical questions.

At Assemblics, we take pride in our co-engineering approach, serving as collaborative partners in the realization of your electronic projects. While we don’t offer design services, our co-engineering team excels at providing invaluable input and expertise to enhance the manufacturability, efficiency, and performance of your designs. We work closely with your engineering team or external partner, leveraging our deep understanding of electronic manufacturing processes to offer insights, identify optimization opportunities, and troubleshoot potential challenges.

Our co-engineering philosophy extends beyond conventional manufacturing support, fostering a collaborative environment where your team benefits from our years of experience in electronic manufacturing. From material selection to production methodologies, we provide guidance that ensures your designs are manufacturable, reliable, and cost-effective. Choose Assemblics for a co-engineering partnership that goes beyond the traditional, enriching your projects with expertise and insights that contribute to the success of your electronic endeavors.”