Assemblics is an SME specialized in testing and assembling printed circuit boards and finished products.

Since our foundation in 1985, we have proven to be a professional and credible partner for many respectable customers.

This website provides a limited presentation of the company’s activities. However, we obviously adapt to the customer’s needs and are consequently able to offer a wide variety of possibilities.

Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in a more detailed overview of our activities.


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Assemblics works in close coorporation with several design and test engineering companies. This way we can ensure product quality right from the start.

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Fast assembly with the highest quality , 3D AOI & 3D X-ray controlled and on time delivery with feedback for industrialization.
Low to high volume assembly:
Highly optimized automated assembly with a primary purpose of quality is ensured.
Mechanical assembly:
New fully equipped production hall for mechanical assemblies and final packaging.

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Assemblics has all the facilities for in-circuit tests, boundary scans, functional tests, burn-in tests and aging tests (humidity & temperature chambers).

If you are looking for a no-nonsense service provider,
Assemblics will be the right partner.


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Repair service

BGA & flip chip replacement, track & pad repair and reballing service. Direct repair centre for our customers & their clients.

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Supply chain management

The fast delivery of a wide range of components can be achieved by the use of new digital technology and a close collaboration with our suppliers. Our team follows the provided data sets in a very accurate way.

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Project management

Fully end-to-end project management with Assemblics’ high standard quality & support.

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Direct shipment service

Our logistics department ships to customers and end customers worldwide.

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We have our own paperless quality system. The software guides our employees to create the high quality level of Assemblics. The Assemblics’ quality is not only a written proof.



We promise to respond with the speed of light