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PCB Assembly

We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality ensuring your products meet the highest standards.

From Proto to Series

Your journey from concept to market-ready product involves a critical phase: the evolution from prototypes to full-scale series production. Our PCB Assembly services are designed allow us to be a partner through each step.  

Prototyping Excellence

Our prototyping service is your way to transforming ideas into reality. From single prototypes to small batches, we ensure that your designs are translated into functional PCBs. With short lead times but never compromising on quality.

Transitioning to Series Production

As your product gains traction, our expertise seamlessly bridges the gap from prototypes to series production. We can help optimizing your designs for scale, step by step we finetune the processes to accommodate larger volumes without sacrificing quality. Our state-of-the-art facilities and stringent quality control measures ensure consistency and reliability across every unit manufactured. 

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