Our process


Phase 1


Every project varies in size and complexity and therefore needs a tailor-made approach. However, in general terms our workflow applies to most PCB types. In order to offer a clear overview of the pricing and lead times, we always start with collecting customer input and reviewing documents.

Phase 2

Proto run

At this stage, we prepare all the data for the PCB layout. Our engineers will create a first design and realize a prototype of the board. A proto run is a small volume run with just one or a couple of units. The advantage is that we can immediately identify any manufacturing issues.

Phase 3


It is extremely important that the design is right before moving on to production. The board might work in theory, but we need to test the prototype to see how it works in real-time. We perform several in-house tests and check with the customer if there need to be any adjustments. 

Phase 4


Discovering errors or malfunctions in time will significantly reduce the production cost. After the testing stage, we redesign the prototype to match the final result. Our engineers do not only correct the PCB, but also help you to develop better practices for future products.

Phase 5


In step 5, we move on to the full production run. Assemblics is the right partner for low to high volume assembly with a primary purpose of quality. Moreover, we have a new fully equipped production hall for mechanical assemblies and final packaging.

If you need a printed circuit board or prototype, it is always better to work with an experienced assembler. You will profit from many advantages such as:

  • Errors are spotted in an early stage of the design. 
  • We have a large network of reliable components suppliers.
  • Production costs are reduced to a minimum.
  • The quality of the final product is constantly improved.
  • You don’t have to work with different companies or consultants. 


Assemblics is your right-hand partner from start to end!


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